New HIT Monitor v2

Browser and SMS alerts for mturk HITs

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***This script will become obsolete 12/15/17 as mturk switches over to the new worker.mturk site. A new version for that site can be found here ***

Short version:

Runs at

Configure your settings and add search terms.

Pause a search by clicking it's button. Double click a search (not too quickly) to remove.

Long version:

This script continuously searches the new HITs page on mturk for your search terms and alerts you when they are found.


Easy to use search term UI: Add searches for requester IDs, group IDs, or any text found in a HIT title, description, or key words. Assign names to your searches for easy reference. Hover over any search button to see its search term.

Toggle buttons: Pause alerts for any individual search term by clicking its button. All searches are automatically paused when found to avoid annoying repeat alerts. Set the sleep delay to adjust how long search terms stay paused before reactivating.

Auto launch: If activated, auto launch will open a tab for fast access when a search term is found. Requester IDs will open a requester search. Group IDs will open the preview page of the HIT found. Text searches will open a search page for the given text.

SMS alerts: Configure SMS alerts to have a text message sent to your phone whenever a search term is found.

Importing and Exporting: Use the import and export functions to back up or migrate your search list to another browser.

Additional things to note:

This script will work either logged in or logged out, but searches for group IDs will only work reliably when logged in. This is because the group IDs are found in preview links that are not always accessible when logged out.

The new HIT page scanned by this script will display whatever number of results that you have set for mturk in the current browser. It is possible to add a modifier to the search link that will set the number of results shown, but I did not want to hijack anyone's settings. If your browser is set to display only 10 results per page, HITs may be pushed off of the top page before they are found. The higher the number of results displayed, the less chance there is of that happening.