Instagram Reloaded

View or download the full-size Instagram image/video. Super simple: press alt+f or shift & click to view media - alt & click saves file. Read for more options.

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Instagram Reloaded

Wanna see the full-sized image or video source on Instagram and be able to download it? This script has multiple options to open & view those items. Easy usage, read below for instructions.


  • IG changed the source output for videos in posts and carousel: fixed with inspiration by @jomifepe


  1. Gets the correct full-sized image (nothing cropped) in maximum resolution.
  2. Opens full size image from single image pop-up, single-image page and carousel posts.
  3. Opens video file on single-video page or from video popup and carousels.
  4. Files can be saved directly in Chrome (limited) or from browser window in Firefox.
  5. Quick access with the keyboard shortcut alt+f (see options).
  6. Instagram pages stay the same, no modifications to the code and functions.


Info: all files open in new window

press alt+f:

  • on single item page to open photo or video
  • on video overlay (e.g. from main or profile feed) to open video
  • REMOVED BY INSTAGRAM: on main instagram feed to open all items (use with care!)
  • REMOVED BY INSTAGRAM: on profile feed to open all items (use with care!)


hold shift-key and (left-)click on item:

  • on single item page to open photo
  • on profile feed to open photo
  • on video overlay to open video (not working if browser plays it directly)
  • on main instagram feed to open photo or video
  • on embedded item to open photo

Note for Firefox users: media opens in same window with alt-key + click


Chrome: instead of the shift key, press alt & click on the item to save the file directly. Firefox: due to the browser restrictions it's not possible to download the files directly.


...are very appreciated :)


see changelog on the history tab on v2.26 2019-10-27 - again another trick by instagram to hide videos for logged in users. doh! v2.25 2019-10-20 - fixed a problem with Chrome (note: alt+f on carousel not accurate) v2.23/24 2019-10 - add back support for single (popup) videos. carousel still not possible v2.22 2019-09-14 - support for igtv single view or popup: trigger only working with alt+f keyboard combo. v2.16-2.21 2019-09-14 - adjusted triggers to match instagram html code changes v2.15 2018-08-28 - fix: jQuery compatibility v2.15 2018-04-05 - fix: Instagram restricted queries. Changed download behaviour for Chrome users. v2.12 2016-07-09 - fix: Chrome was incompatible. Thanks to HH for the info. v2.1 2016-07-02 - fix: code changes, script should work again. more coming soon. v2.0 2016-06-05 - Chrome: added direct download option (alt+click on item), fixed keyboard bug. Renamed the script. v1.9 2016-06-01 - Instagram changed their code/api on June 1st: updated script to match everything again plus more options. v1.8 2016-03-15 - added support for embedded photos. ~1.7 2016-02-28 - shift key + click opens in new window. alt key + click opens in the same window. plus some code cleanup. v1.7 2016-02-22 - open directly using keyboard shortcut alt+f on single photo/video pages. v1.6 2016-02-10 - removed the new query string added by Instagram so you are able to save the file immediately. v1.5 2015-12-20 - added shift click support on video popup. v1.4 2015-12-19 - per request: added video support on single page view. v1.3 2015-12-14 - added support for the feed on the main page. v1.2 2015-12-13 - updated to match new Instagram parameters. v1.1 2015-12-12 - even strange image resolutions are now recognized and shown in full size. v1.0 2015-12-10 - first release.