Vulcun Loot Autoclicker + Streams scan

Autoscans streams for drops and enters the loot in background.

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License note:
Copyright (c) 2015-2016 Mihai Morcov. All rights reserved. Do not copy and redistribute this without permission. Free for personal use only.
INFO: Streams stuck in starting or not looting [Solved]
Vulcun is doing some maintenance, a lot of users on their chat are complaining that loot-pulse isnt showing. So it's not the script's fault, is for every vulcun user. You can check it with the script disabled. The page refresh is happening because the script is retrying if the streams are blocked in Starting... When vulcun will end their work, it will probably get back to normal... Thanks, Mihai.

Read the update on Vulcun's site:
Loot Drop Fixes
Loot Drop is temporarily disabled as we work to get it back to 100%. Thank you for your understanding.

PS: Please keep the forum as clean as possible and don't fill it with this problem :) cheers.
* v2 is here!
* Hello dear Vulcunians,
* The waiting is finally over. A very smart autolooter is here and ready to grow.
* If this script helps you and you get rich please consider donating me for a coffee.
* Helps with the coding sessions. (Paypal:
* What you should do:
* Open in a new tab
* The script will scan streams and enter the contest 5 seconds after the countdown reach 00:00.
* You only need one tab open.
* Also it displays actual timers, not 'pulse' image as Vulcun does :)
* How it works:
* The script does not open tabs anymore (from v2). Entering a contest is done in background.
* 1. Initializes the stream list
* 2. Sets the loot drop countdown for each stream
* 3. Will enter the contest when a stream countdown is ready. (in background)
* 4. Will rescan the contest for it's new loot drop countdown after 60 seconds.
* 5. Will also refresh the stream list every 10 minutes
* Good luck!
* PS: Use the Feedback forum if you have problems.