GreasyFork Bullshit Filter - for TS Citrus Gfork

Hides scripts for popular browser games and social networks as well as scripts that use "foreign" characters in descriptions. Applies to posts in Forum too.

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Posted: 2021-06-30
Edited: 2021-06-30

When i enable :
My AlloCine - ByPass v.1 - UserCSS (userstyle) AlloCiné sans Nag Screen i filtered.

Can you drop an eye on that ?
I think it is "é" which cause the problem ?

Posted: 2021-06-30
Edited: 2021-06-30

Same problem with:
Greasyfork - Ajouter des notes (alias/tag) au script
In its description there is a "à".

I have read your comment on:
The Non-Latin filter should be changed to Non-English
But i have not understand what it is possible to do to not filter these "é" "à" etc... when "Non ASCII" is enable.

It's a little bit confused for me:
I want filter all these Chinese (which if understand are "Non ASCII") scripts but not French / Portugues etc ... (Latin) scripts.

Posted: 2021-06-30
Edited: 2021-06-30

Yes, the characters é and à are those that match:
see and

The 'Non-ASCII' filter matches both Chinese and French/Portuguese/etc
The 'Non-Latin' filter matches only Chinese, not French/Portuguese/etc

To see what these characters these ranges refer to, you may check or .
Or you may run either of these commands in your browser console (but you won't get the nonvisible control characters of course) :

var s=''; for (var i = 0x00; i <= 0x7F; i++) s += String.fromCharCode(i); // Non-ASCII
var s=''; for (var i = 0x0000; i <= 0x024F; i++) s += String.fromCharCode(i); // Non-Latin 1/2
var s=''; for (var i = 0x2000; i <= 0x214F; i++) s += String.fromCharCode(i); // Non-Latin 2/2

ASCII is a small, 7-bit character set containing just 128 characters ( )

Unfortunately there's nothing I can do to help with this. It's how these character classes/ranges work.

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