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Manga OnlineViewer

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Loads all pages from a chapter in a nice view, allowing for faster and more comfortable reading, without the need to wait for pages to load.

!! Attention: Some sites require you to reload the page(F5) or open the chapter in a new tab for the script to start.

Supported Browsers

Firefox and Chrome with Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey. Other Browsers with other add-ons may also work, but not officially supported.


Main Reader

Official Source: GitHub

Local Files (ZIP, CBZ, CBR..., PNGs, JPGs...)

Go to GiHub and download the file "index.html", then open it in the browser, and you will see the options to load local Files.

Supported Manga Sites

Supported Comic Sites


  • Auto Scroll: space
  • Scroll Up: up / W / num_8
  • Scroll Down: down / S / num_2
  • Next Chapter: right / / / D / num_6
  • Previous Chapter: left / ; / A / num_4
  • Enlarge: - / num_add / E
  • Restore: = / num_subtract / Q
  • Restore: 9 / num_divide / R
  • Fit Width: 0 / num_multiply / F
  • Fit Height: H
  • Settings: numdivide / num5 / X
  • WebComic: C
  • Vertical: V
  • Left to Right: N
  • Right to Left: B


  • Auto Scroll
  • View Modes:
    • Vertical/WebComic [Default]
    • Fluid Left to Right
    • Fluid Right to Left
  • Bookmark Pages (To resume reading)
  • Full Themes and Customizable
  • Global and Individual images zoom
    • In(Global one may stretch images beyond window width)
    • Out
    • Restore original(Toggle fit width if oversize)
    • Fit width
    • Fit width if oversize[Default on]
    • Fit Height (with scroll pages)
    • Hide
  • Auto reload Images
    • Counter for loaded Images
    • Individual image reload, just in case
  • HotKeys
  • Goto Page
  • Image Loading TimerDefault 1s
  • Thumbnails Navigation[Default on]
  • Download all images as ZIP File[Automatic Default off]
  • Lazy Load Images[Default off]

Rules For adding new Manga Sites

  1. The site must have rare/unique mangas (Meaning: it's not available in other sites, or is of better quality)
  2. The site must be strong enough or else my script may crash it
  3. The site must not be exclusive to a handful of manga titles (Meaning: no small Scanlators)


I allow this script to be posted or used anywhere as long as I am given credit and provided a link to this site. I allow parts of my script to be used freely.


In case the owner/admin of one of the supported sites does not want my script to run on their site, I will make it disabled by default. Forcing users to manually activate it.


It's recommended to use Tampermonkey with Firefox mobile or Kiwi Browser.

Bookmarklet (Not Recommended)

Settings can't be saved with Bookmarklet:

Bookmarklet seems to work only in Chrome, open the chapter then use the searchbar to activate your bookmarklet.

Main Reader:
javascript:(function() {
    if (unsafeWindow === undefined) unsafeWindow = window;
    ["", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""].map(s => document.body.appendChild(document.createElement('script')).src = s)