Auto F5 reload window

Reloads (aka refreshs) a webpage after a certian time. Config menu with "Shift + T". Autodetects language: English, German, Spanish and Dutch

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Hi there,

this script can reload any website automatically after x seconds/minutes/hours/whatever as if one would press "F5". To start an autoreload, access to the configmenu by pressing "Shift + T". It detects the browserlanguage and is available in English, German, Spanish, Dutch and Drench (Thanks to Jos Zonneveld for Dutch and Yves Michon for French translation). For other translations please contact me via mail If Java Script is allowed to "change the status bar text", a countdown will appear in the status bar.
I do not develop this project any more since the addon "Tab Mix Plus" includes an autoreload button. If anyone is interested in bringing this project forward, please tell me and I will set a link to the corresponding script page.

Translations can still be sent to me.

It is not necessary to edit the source code of the script, everything is configurable by means of the menu!

Features and help to use them the right way:

  • Default timeout: Time that is preselected as timeout if a page is set up for the first time (the format is explained in the menu).
  • Timeout: Time the script waits before refreshing the page. Please think about a reasonable short timeout BEFORE setting it. If you are shure, that 1 second is what you want, OK. But you won't be able to stop the refresh via the menu. Therefor you must go to the about:config, search for this greasemonkey script and edit the value by hand.
  • The random value is just for fun. It just adds any value between 0 and the time one entered to the timeout value.
  • The key to show and hide menu can be changed (Default is T [notice capital letter], but any other ASCII-symbol is thinkable).
  • The option "Ignore everything after these symbols in URL" is a little bit difficult to explain: if there are session id´s in the URL the timeout would only work for this session, but if one wants this page to be refreshed in every session one can enter separators that determine sessions and other things. Another example would be that one wants to store a refresh value for a whole site with its subfolders etc.. Therefor one could enter the "/" as a separator.
  • "Include the separators in the URL saved" is an additional option for the separators: imagine one wants to have a timeout for all subfolders of /topics/21456/ (discussion of this script) and puts it in the list of separators. Then the URL saved by this script would be which may not be what one wants, because the main page is to have its own timeout value. Then this option should be activated so the URL is which is different to, so it can be refreshed independently.
  • The "Hide menu"-option is to hide the menu when one clicks somewhere that is not the menu.
  • The "Prolong timeouts"-option is to prevent an unintentional page reload, while working on that page.
  • Option to relaod all pages with standard timeout when no timeout is set for that page. What else to say? Ok this option is like a wildcard. If checked it reloads every single page (!) with default timeout, unless an individual timeout is setup for that page.
  • Ignores the hotkey when filling out forms or editing other input fields.

Maybe comming in future versions:

  • improvement of code readability: improving in each version-update , but still a lot of work (well, it´s my first time with GM and also with JS).
  • option to relaod a page only x times (or till a date eg. for eBay auctions)
  • use an iFrame for the menu to avoid css injection of the webpage into the menu
  • individual random values for every page.
  • whatever wished by others (I hope there is anybody...)

Changes of all versions

  • 0.53: Added Chinese Language (Thanks to Leonardo Ql)
  • 0.52: Added French language (Thanks to Yves Michon).
  • 0.5d: Added Dutch language (Thanks to Jos Zonneveld). 0.5d as 0.5Dutch ;)
  • 1/2: Option to relaod all pages with standard timeout when no timeout is set for that page. What else to say? Ok this option is like a wildcard. If checked it reloads every single page (!) with default timeout, unless an individual timeout is setup for that page
  • 0.4.1: option to reset countdown when keys are pressed or mouse is clicked
  • 0.4.0: only loads a page if it is accessible
  • 0.3.5: Configurable hotkey for showing and hiding the menu
  • 0.3.4: Last version did not allow a page (once on the list of those being refreshed) to be removed from the refresh list. There is now a button, to abort the refresh of the page; e.g. when filling out some forms or whatsoever...
  • 0.3.3: Script now runs always in background, but by default does not refresh a page. The menu can be accessed all time. If a refresh is set, script reloads this page.
  • 0.3.2: Improved code (as always...)
  • 0.3.2: Statusbar now shows time left exactly in the format one has entered in the menu.
  • 0.3.1: Improved design of configuration menu
  • 0.3.1: Improved code
  • 0.3.1: Improved messages (de,es,en). Especially some error messages, were first hard coded in english and now in all languages.
  • 0.3.0: all time imputs in hours:minutes:seconds. But one can choose freely the format, like only seconds or minutes:seconds
  • 0.2.1: fixed random value bug: the reload was always reload interval + input random value, instead of a randomized value between 0 and input random value
  • 0.2.1: Improved Text messages, but still not good to understand
  • 0.2.0: in- or exclude the expressions to be filtered in the URL e.g.: filter=?, -> (excluding) (including)
  • 0.2.0: add random value to interval to avoid server-sides script detection
  • 0.2.0: improvement of code readability. Damn, it is still pretty ugly!
  • 0.1.0: Default timeout for pages without specified reload interval.
  • 0.1.0: Remembers for each page the reload interval.
  • 0.1.0: Can filter URLs for expressions like php-parameters after '?', so becomes But also can be used to cut off the URL after any part of the URL. e.g. /img/ if one wants to treat many URLs with same parameters
  • 0.1.0: In 3 languages: English, German and Spanish. Detects the browser language automatically.
  • 0.1.0: Pressing "Shift + T" toggles a configuration menu, where one can change default timeout and a few other things.
  • 0.1.0: Page is reloaded if the refresh interval for this page is changed