WME Validator Localization for Ireland

This script localizes WME Validator for Ireland. You also need main package (WME Validator) installed.

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  • /^https:\/\/(www|beta)\.waze\.com\/(?!user\/)(.{2,6}\/)?editor.*$/
What is WME Validator?
This script validates a map area in Waze Map Editor(WME), highlights issues and generates a very detailed report with Wiki references and solutions.
The list of validations can be found here.

What is WME Validator Localization for Ireland package?
Localization package is a script that tunes WME Validator up for Ireland.
The script can enable/disable checks, set params and exceptions.

There are two types of localization packages:
  • Built-in or default packages (come bundled with WME Validator)
  • External or user packages (like this script):
    a) user packages with params and translations
    b) user packages just with params
This script adds/updates the following checks:
  • #027 - City name on Railroad
  • #131 - Word ending in "." (except "St.")
  • #136 - Named Parking Lot Roads
  • #169 - Incorrectly named street
  • #170 - Lowercase word in street name
  • #171 - Incorrectly abbreviated street name
How to install the WME Validator Localization for Ireland package?
Browser requirement: Chrome 62+ / Firefox 78+ / Edge 79+ / Opera 49+ (Check my browser)
  1. Install the required WME Validator (if not installed - Firefox requires the User Script Manager below to be installed first)
  2. Install the required User Script Manager for your internet browser (if not installed)
  3. Install the script WME Validator Localization for Ireland
  4. Launch the User Script Manager Dashboard (Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey) and make sure WME Validator Localization for Ireland script is there
  5. (Re)load Waze Map Editor
Further information:
Waze Forum: WME Validator
Waze Forum: WME Validator Localization for Ireland