GreasyFork Bullshit Filter

Hides scripts for popular browser games and social networks as well as scripts that use "foreign" characters in descriptions. Applies to posts in Forum too.

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2019-11-15
Edited: 2019-11-15

Make non-ASCII to non-Latin

Hi! I was unsatisfied with the overblocking of french, spanish, some symbols etc.

For me the purpose of the non-ASCII filter was to get rid of items with writing systems I absolutely don't understand.

So... I just turned it into a non-Latin filter (include latin extended and a symbol block) and it works fine. Also for the stuff you mentioned here.

const filters = {
        'Non-Latin': /[^\u0000-\u024F\u2000-\u214F\s]+/,

btw the /i flag didn't really make sense in the old regex.

I hope I could help some of you guys. Maybe you can modify the existing ASCII filter or just add the non-Latin filter. Thanks for maintaining the script! Graphen

Posted: 2019-11-15

I added your filter. Thanks for the contribution!

Posted: 2019-11-17

Nice, thank you too!

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