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Stig's Flickr Fixr

Show photographer's albums on photostream-pages, Increase display-size and quality of "old" uploads, Photographer's other photos by tag-links, Links to album-map and album-comments, Actually show a geotagged photo on the associated map, Top-pagers - And more to come?...

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Greasemonkey users!: GM4.x currently doesn't support auto-updating userscripts. But you can just install new version of userscript on top of previous to update...

Stig's Flickr Fixr makes Flickr more "explorative" and recovers some old lost features of the site.

Current feature list:
  1. Displaying photo-uploads pre-dating March 2012 in big size and nice quality.
    Up until 2012 Flickr had always updated the full database of photos when new browsing-sizes was introduced on the site. However in May 2012 only photos uploaded after March 2012 was updated when Flickr introduced 1600px and 2048px wide browsing-sizes, leaving the majority of photos to be displayed only 1024px wide, even on modern 24+ inch monitors. Stig’s Flickr Fixr fixes this by scaling and using the original uploaded photo for displaying (when the original is accessible/available).
  2. Album-teaser column on photographers’ frontpage.
    In one of the big Flickr-updates a couple of years ago, the column to feature a photographer’s albums or collections disappeared and made Flickr less Gallery-like and less inviting for exploration in peoples “backlog”. Yes, there’s a link to albums in top-menu, but I don’t think any casual visitor ever sees or open it. But Stig’s Flickr Fixr puts back a column featuring albums on every photographer's frontpage (photostream). The 10 first albums as sorted in Flickr Organizer are shown in this column.
  3. A photographer’s other photos by tag-links.
    On Flickr, tag-links on photos currently leads you to a page where you can explore your own photos with this tag, photos from people you follow with this tag and a global search for photos with this tag. But more photos with this tag from the same photographer, is annoyingly not a direct option to explore. Again, once it was a supported feature, but it was lost in some update. But Stig's Flickr Fixr brings back this option by adding a link directly on the tag (when hovering the mouse over it) pointing to the current photographer's other photos with this tag.
  4. Links to album-map and album-comments.
    On album pages, Stig’s Flickr Fixr adds two extra links on the "album header". One link pointing to a map with current album's photos, and another link pointing to an old hidden/forgotten/deprecated page with album comments. In an earlier version of Flickr album-comments was an official feature. It ain't official anymore, but the old comments page still exists and is also a good page for reading or editing long album-descriptions (I for example, have some old album-descriptions that are complete travel descriptions. They don’t fit well in current official album-layout). Of course, if you chose to leave new album-comments, changes are nobody ever sees them :-/ …
  5. Actually show the geotagged photo on the associated map + Google Maps link.
    Currently when a photo is geotagged on Flickr you can follow a link to a Flickr map showing the location where the photo was shot. However this map does normally only show the latest or most "interesting" photos in the area. Usually the photo you was looking at is not included on the map or in the image-strip at the bottom of the map (It used to be, but feature was lost in some upgrade – Sorry, I’m repeating myself…). Stig's Flickr Fixr adds the photo you came from to the image-strip, and "opens" the photo. Well, it's a 90% fix: To see exactly where it was geotagged, click twice on this photo in the image-strip to close and re-open it; Now a star pointing to the exact position of the photo appears on the map. Bonus: Now also adds a Google Maps link showing location of a geotagged photo.
  6. "On mouse-over" top-pagers for fast and easy navigation.
    Are you annoyed by having to scroll to the bottom of photostreams for pagination? Stig's Flickr Fixr adds a pagination-bar above the streams for fast and easy navigation. But because the pager-bar sometimes gets pretty wide and might overlap other icons or dropdowns also placed right above the photostream, the top-pager is hidden until you hover your mouse over the center-area right above the photostream.
  7. Prevent annoying sign-up box popping up when not logged in.
    If surfing Flickr today without being logged in to the site, you will see a terrible annoying “popup” asking you to sign-up to Flickr. And even though you keep closing it, it keeps coming back whenever you move to a new page. Not very fun, and I don’t understand that anyone (Flickr?) can think this make the site look attractive for potential new users? Anyway, probably not many users of Stig’s Flickr Fixr who surfs Flickr without being logged in, but it was an easy little quick fix to implement.
There's also a more comprehensive introduction to the script in the Flickr Hacks forum. Here you will find find more information about especially the scope and restrictions of the scaling feature.

If it doesn't work...

The script is constantly tested/used with Greasemonkey and Firefox (including new Greasemonkey 4 on Firefox 57+), but also regularly verified working with Tampermonkey on Chrome and Violentmonkey on Opera. Currently the script doesn't work with MSEdge using Tampermonkey. It's on my to-do to fix that...

If it doesn't work, try the following before giving feedback:
  1. If you have other userscripts installed which could affect Flickr, try disabling these.
  2. If above helps, try re-ordering your userscripts to make Stig's Flickr Fixr run first (if your userscript extension allows this)... Then try re-enabling the other userscripts.
A few places Stig's Flickr Fixr depends on some inserted "timer-delays" before doing stuff. This is not very elegant, and I might try to implement it in a more robust way in the future.

If you can solve your problem by disabling or reordering userscripts, please inform me of the problem, the userscripts involved and how you re-ordered or disabled them to make things work again. Also if you have problems and suspects timing ("timer-delays") might be an issue, please let me know what happens - or doesn't happen.

You might want to try one of my other userscripts too:
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