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Embedded YT video thumbnails on other sites

For those of us who use a Greasemonkey script to make our browser windows a different color (mine being black) for eye comfort, this script has a flaw which makes embedded video thumbnails non-existent (blacks them out, but it takes a second to kick in sometimes), though the videos play fine and visibly when clicked. Basically, it looks like a black rectangle with a visible play button until pushed.

When I disable this script, these preview video thumbnails with their titles show up perfectly well under the play button. It is not my Greasemonkey script doing this!

It's a toss-up whether I want non-disappearing controls on YouTube pages properly underneath the video rather than transparently on top of it or embedded videos to show properly on other sites with a thumbnail so I know what video I'm pushing play on.

If there was a way to only have the portion of this script that sends the controls under the video and stops them from disappearing, it would probably fit my needs (I actually have another script that takes care of auto-HD and such).

Posted: 2017-10-06

I can't reproduce this. Can you post the script that makes the browser window a different color, and perhaps a link to a embedded video where this happens?

A screenshot of the problem can also help.

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