Youtube UI Fix

Moves the controls under the video and makes the UI look like it was before august 2015

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Posted: 2022-04-14

Unfortunately, we can't change the options anymore. Please fix

Posted: 2022-04-14

For the time being, you can change the defaults in the code, lines 33-44

    YtNewUIFix.prototype.readOptions = function () {
        this.setOption("addWatchLater", true);
        this.setOption("showControlsFullscreen", true);
        this.setOption("showControlsNonFullscreen", true);
        this.setOption("changeColorsFullscreen", true);
        this.setOption("changeColorsNonFullscreen", true);
        this.setOption("removeAnimations", false);
        this.setOption("optionsReversed", false);
        this.setOption("progressBigger", false);
        this.setOption("showTitleOnHover", false);
        this.setOption("alwaysVolume", false);

simply change the values true->false, and vice versa.
One option that you might want to change (i certainly do), is "showControlsFullscreen" to false
Please fix this, so we don't have to deal with this.

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