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This user script inserts the system time in the upper right corner of the browser window.
This is especially useful in full screen mode, where the task bar clock is hidden.

To set the minimum width for the clock to appear, resize the browser window to that width and select "mini clock set min width" from the "user script commands" sub menu of the Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey menu.

Firefox: Other settings are available in the context menu of the time display.
Chromium: Other settings are available in the Tampermonkey menu too.

If you move the mouse pointer over the time display, the current date should appear (hopefully in human friendly form). Since I have no idea what is appropriate for your language/region, I could use some help here.
On my system, Firefox completely ignores the system settings for the date format and uses an outdated one from linked run time librarys instead.

In newer Firefox versions is it necessary to place the clock below the active FullScreenElement in the DOM and this script uses some tricks to do so. For other browser an absolute placement might be enough.

Firefox only:
To show in full screen mode, mini clock waits for the activation and moves itself below the active full screen element in the object tree. This works usually well for customized video player from frameworks. However, the video tag can be used directly, which causes several problems: The video tag cannot have visible children. When mini clock tries to replace the current full screen element with its own element, the full screen mode has to be deactivated first. Reactivating full screen mode will always fail with default user settings. But if it works, the screen will flicker during this procedure. The full screen button works no more like expected... That's why this feature is deactivated per default.
Before enabling mini clock for direct video tags, make sure the following user setting is in about:config
After that, you enable "allow clock in video tag" in the context menu of the time display.
If you forgot to change this setting and try to activate the full screen mode, it will immediately deactivated and is not available for this video.

Only recently I found out, date +%R | osd_cat --pos=top --offset=40 --align=right --colour=green --outline=1 --font=-*-fixed-*-r-*-*-*-400-*-*-*-*-*-1 can pretty much do the same. (I had to install the xosd package first.) Now I wonder, why none of the fancy clocks for KDE uses a similar technique.

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