Block Youtube Users

Hide videos of blacklisted users/channels (from recommended, search, related channels...)

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Block Youtube Users v2.4.5

  • for both the new and the old youtube layout
  • it is not case-sensitive
  • it hides videos of blacklisted users/channels from recommended, search, related channels...
    • also from the playlists/mixes, but it doesn't prevent them from playing if the playlist is in autoplay
  • put a * in front of a word for wildcard (only in the blacklist), it will find the word no matter its position in the username (example: *vevo, *buzzfeed)
    • when you use it, but still you want continue seeing a channel that has that word in the name, you can put it in the whitelist (example -> balcklist: *buzzfeed; whitelist: BuzzFeed Nifty)
  • you can choose the symbol to split the usernames (default is a comma, * and " not allowed, min-max 1 character)
  • you can enable/disable to blacklist channels by clicking (old yt layout)/right clicking (new yt layout) on '[x]' before the usernames
    • in any case, the [x] buttons are automatically shown when the "B" menu is open
  • from a direct link to youtube, it pauses the video if blacklisted (you can enable/disable it)
  • you can suspend temporarily the block (to reactivate it just click on save or refresh the page)