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Posted: 2017-12-28

Trouble when clicking on a hit

Since using the new mturk site, I had a lot of trouble with all my scripts. I ended up dumping them all and reloading them. With Hit Scraper, when I got to click on a hit, the page I get sent to is just a bunch of text. Here's a exert below. What am I doing wrong.

{"results":[{"hit_set_id":"3TSPVXK7YOBSPTQ4V7FLVCBCN6ULFJ","requester_id":"A1E22YT1C4WXCF","requester_name":"Jason Van Buiten","title":"Test an iPhone game (10-15 minutes)","description":"Download and play a game from the App Store. Must have iPhone.","assignment_duration_in_seconds":14400,"creation_time":"2017-12-26T21:25:21.000Z","assignable_hits_count":10,"latest_expiration_time":"2017-12-28T21:25:21.000Z","caller_meets_requirements":true,"caller_meets_preview_requirements":true,"last_updated_time":"2017-12-26T21:25:21.000Z","monetary_reward":{"currency_code":"USD","amount_in_dollars"

Posted: 2021-08-19

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Posted: 2021-10-22

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Posted: 2021-10-22

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Posted: 2021-12-10

What Is the Subject of Research?


The subject of research is a question that a student gives an answer to in his work.


Documents reflecting the result of any research activity have many clauses and subclauses. Their reflection in such works is a certain axiom in the educational and scientific sphere. So, working on a diploma, term paper or dissertation, the student is simply obliged to contact write my papers if he needs to compose and correctly reflect the introduction. It is at this point of scientific works that reflects the subject of research, which is considered in this article.


What is this subparagraph of the research papers?


In simple words, the subject of research is a concretized area studied and considered in the process of implementing research activities. In fact, the subject of research is some question that a student or scientist answers in his work. Such a formulation not only reflects the real state of affairs, but is also given by many teachers, scientific curators and similar persons when explaining the concept in question.

The subject of research in the relevant documents is the property of an object amenable to study. The ability to hire experts to edit my english paper helps you distinguish between the concepts of the subject and the object of research largely determines the competence of the researcher, as well as the literacy of the final work.


When starting the preparation and execution of a scientific document, it is important to clearly answer the question - "What exactly lends itself to study?" It is the answer to it that will become the subject of research. By the way, they can be certain processes, events, phenomena, relationships, a problem, an area of problems and similar things.


Research subject in the dissertation


The principles of selection and design of the subject of research in the dissertation and diploma are identical. At the end of today's article, let's briefly talk about the subject of research in dissertations. The principles of its reflection in the work are no different from those described for a diploma or coursework. The general concept of the choice and design of the subject of research is identical.


When checking dissertation works, the commission determines the compliance of the summarized work passport, which is based on the object and subject of research activity, and its results. If there are any differences, it will not be possible to “defend”.


In terms of dissertations, the literacy of the design of the object-oriented properties of the work is extremely important, therefore, it is necessary to buy cheap assignments before you approach the preparation of its basis in the form of an introduction as responsibly as possible. The dissertations do not have any other peculiarities in the context of the subject of research. With full observance of the principles of its reflection in the final scientific document and the literacy of its execution, one can count on the successful defense of the work.


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Posted: 2022-04-21

Using other reference materials and integrating the details in them to your research paper is not a huge task. However, the importance of proper referencing influences the quality features of any research papers. Because of the fact that citing resource materials can increase your reliability as a writer, you need to know how to write an MLA format research paper. What are the things to consider in learning this format or is writemypaper4me legal? A research paper format is usually realized by the chapters included in the entire documents. This will involve parts like introduction, literature review and data analysis.

Posted: 2022-06-10

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Posted: 2022-08-28

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