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Posted: 2016-08-23


Hi there,

First, thank you so much for this script. I truly wish I could afford to donate something now, but I fully intend to after I manage to get my payment from mTurk.

I was hoping you might consider including a function to add a filter for US HITs.

I realise that there is a filter to only show HITs I qualify for, but in the process of searching for HITs, many require earn-able qualifications and are not US only. Location however is something I cannot change.

As such, the script loses a lot of mojo to somebody outside of the US (I'm in the UK) because either the list includes a whole bunch of US only HITs we can't do, or only HITs we can but doesn't show any ones we could have done had we known they were there and done or requested the quals.

I have no idea technically how much work that would entail, but I would sincerely appreciate if you would consider doing this. If you let me know what sort of cost is involved, I'd be more than happy to share my mTurk earnings with you to help cover the costs.

Looking forward to your response.

Many thanks,

Posted: 2016-08-23
Edited: 2016-08-23

This has already been added since the influx of new international workers. The Hide Infeasible option on the second row of the control panel will filter out HITs with qualifications you cannot obtain from the requester.

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