Google Black Bar Returns Now Customizable!

This Script brings back the Google Navigation Bar with customizable options, and removes the App Grid navigation entirely. You can change the links on the bar, the colors of the bar, the background image of the bar, and if the bar is always visible, or not. Check for updates regularly for bug fixes, and new features!

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Posted: 2016-02-05

Key Word Help?

New to Grease Monkey & Scripts. Forced into it since Google removed the Black Search Bar completely just the other day!

Found this script and it looks great, just one thing I can't figure out is; how to get Key Words to transfer into other search links.

If I Google "Cats". From that result if I click on Images or YouTube, it does not insert the Key Word "Cats" into the new search.

Can someone please advise how to do this?

Cheers and thanks for making this script.

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