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Maximizes YouTube's video player to fill the entire browser viewport and fixes a few minor annoyances

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Posted: 2015-06-27
Playlist partially covered?

Anyone else experiencing this?
Anon 2Author
Posted: 2015-06-27
Edited: 2015-06-27
Thanks for using the script. That's a known issue and happens because the playlist is absolutely positioned and assumes a theater mode scaling of the video element. I have probably spent about several hours so far at trying to fix it consistently (this includes cases where the window is not maximized), but YouTube's layout is complex and very difficult to work with.

There are several other known issues that are currently unresolved, especially the incorrect scaling when the window isn't maximized but larger than 50% percent of the screen's width (this seems to be a general YouTube behavior and has nothing to do with the script, and may or may not be fixable). I will try to list them when I open the GitHub repository for the script which will probably happen later today or tomorrow.
Anon 2Author
Posted: 2015-07-05
Edited: 2015-07-05

This is now partially fixed in 0.2.0 (currently works correctly only with a maximized window or when it is wider than 50% of the maximum width). Also:

Top bar behavior has changed to display whenever the page is not scrolled to the top. The top bar can now also be toggled with the escape key, which will give the search bar focus when it becomes visible.

The video player is now automatically focused both on page load and continuously, whenever the top bar is invisible.

There are more details in the GitHub repository.

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