GoogleMonkeyR (update by Roxz)

Google - Multiple columns of results, Remove "Sponsored Links", Number results, Auto-load more results, Remove web search dialogues, Open external links in a new tab, self updating and all configurable from a simple user dialogue.

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Review: Good - script works

Not working at all

I guess google changed the scripts cuz this doesn't work today

Posted: 2015-07-21

Noticed that too, around the same time as you. Is anyone able to fix this awesome script?

Posted: 2015-07-21

To elaborate, when it's enabled the search results flash for a second, then disappear.

Interestingly enough the exact same script line for line works on another pc but not on the one i'm on.

Posted: 2015-07-23
Edited: 2015-07-23

Hello, I made a change to the script that solved the problem for me. Tested on Firefox 39.

Click my link below to install automatically:

Or if you want to do it manually, find this line:

var list = document.getElementsByXPath("//div[@id='ires']//li[contains(@class,'g')] | //div[@id='ires']//li/div[@class='g']");

and replace it with this line:

var list = document.getElementsByXPath("//div[@id='ires']//li[contains(@class,'g')] | //div[@id='ires']//li/div[@class='g'] | //div[@id='ires']//div[@class='g']");

Here's a preview image:

Edit: Oh, I also made an additional change from Boltex' last revision of this script (mentioned in the 1.7.2 changelog). The change makes it so the search results should scale according to window width. If you'd like to try it out, find this line:

style += ("hr.rgsep { margin: 0 -15px 16px; } {padding: 0 !important} #cnt.singleton #center_col, #cnt.singleton #foot, .mw {width:1240px !important;} #rhs {left:auto !important; position:absolute}#botstuff .sp_cnt,#botstuff .ssp, #ires{display:none} .s{max-width:98%!important;} .vshid{display:inline} .ab_dropdown ul{list-style:none} #GTR *{white-space:none!important} #GTR{border-spacing:5px} #rcnt .col:nth-of-type(3){width:100%!important} #rcnt .col:nth-of-type(4){float: none; right: 0px; top: -140px; width:100% !important}");

and replace with:

style += ("#cnt.singleton #center_col, #cnt.singleton #foot, .mw {width:auto !important; max-width:100% !important;} #rhs {left:auto !important; position:absolute}#botstuff .sp_cnt,#botstuff .ssp, #ires{display:none} .s{max-width:98%!important;} .vshid{display:inline} .ab_dropdown ul{list-style:none} #GTR *{white-space:normal!important} #GTR{border-spacing:5px} #rcnt .col:nth-of-type(3){width:100%!important} #rcnt .col:nth-of-type(4){float: none; right: 0px; top: -140px; width:100% !important}");

This change is already included in my download above.

Posted: 2015-07-23

Sorry :
Your fix not working for me ...

I tested
- on 2 different profiles with firefox39 / win7 too.
- revert to the original style without any results.

I see the GoogleMonkeyR settings and can check that i want (nbr of column, autolad).

But when i go to the google , it seems it load the results very quicly without displaying them..
As for results the captcha secuity form from google....

I hope you find the solution and for this time I go to use DucDuckGo .

I you want a multicolumn results page with it , try my userstyles:

Posted: 2015-07-23

Works for me using Safari and JS Blocker 5. Thanks!

I just made the manual changes, since I don't need Boltex's changes and prefer a fixed with border.

Posted: 2015-07-23
Edited: 2015-07-23

@decembre My change doesn't fix the autoload feature, but it should work with autoload disabled. Since I don't use autoload and initially was just fixing this script for myself, I didn't think to check that feature.
If I have time I'll try to figure it out.

Edit: Autoload should be fixed. Or at least it works on my set up.
Download new version here:

Or change manually this line:

var list = document.getElementsByXPath(".//div[@id='ires']/ol/div[starts-with(@class,'srg')]/li", nextResult);

to this line:

var list = document.getElementsByXPath(".//div[@id='ires']/ol/div[starts-with(@class,'srg')]/li | //div[@id='ires']//div[@class='g'] | //div[@id='ires']//li[contains(@class,'g')]", nextResult);
Posted: 2015-07-24

Thanx alot, works flawlessly

Posted: 2015-07-25

Yes, It WORK for me too :
Thanks !

The version works for me. With the link to the install script here: < > I appreciate your efforts.

On a side-note, just wondering if the script can work to format which is created by and pulls search results, but uses proxies to hide the users ip address. It's potentially safer to use than going straight to I tried to add the @include for but that didn't seem to do the trick. Any thoughts?

Posted: 2015-07-27

@Bryan “Ironman” Stark
Viewing the page source for a search result, even though they pull results from Google, the webpage is formatted differently.
For example, you may note the primary change I made to the script to get it working again was to tell it to look for divs labeled class='g' (this apparently is what the search results are contained in). Then the script does whatever magic it does with that data and displays the information as seen. search results aren't label class='g' or any of the stuff the script is looking for. They seem to be labeled class='result', but adding that in the script does nothing, so I'm sure the rabbit hole goes a lot further...

Thanks for taking a quick look and giving me a good explanation.

Posted: 2015-08-18
Edited: 2015-09-09

@Kilvoctu Many thanx for your work. It seems to be the last working script of its kind.

Posted: 2016-07-13

@Kilvoctu broken again,google changed code,hope you can fix it

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