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Possible Fix for Watchers Stopping on PRE's, Full Queue and 'No more HITs available'

About: Turkmaster (Mturk)

Not sure if others have reported this bug or not, but TM for me has been throwing an error in these cases:

  • PRE's
  • Full HIT queue
  • 'No more HITs available'

What's strange is the behavior seems to have changed since last night as far as the wrong data that was being consumed. Nonetheless, here's how I patched it. I am unable to test extensively at this point but it seems to fix the issues.

TurkMaster around line 2407, in the Watcher.prototype.parseNewHit method:

replace this

  if (result.results) {
    return; // No more HITs available


  // Mturk now returns a message object on errors (ie {message: 'Accepted maximum hits/ PRE's/no more hits etc.'})
  // We need to check for and return.
  if (result.results || result.message) {
    return; // No more HITs available

or even safer throw in a type check (i swear i've seen a result that was xml at some point)

  if (typeof result !== 'object' || result.message || result.results) {
    return; // No more HITs available



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