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Please something simple( http://animeflv.net/ )

Please something simple( http://animeflv.net/ )

Please something simple http://animeflv.net/ can someone help is easy to find the advertising elements, would help me to learn once see the code
I identify these elements, but it only works in console I do not know how to create a script
"Wrapper" (open other links and redirect)
"Title Page fa-star" [0] .style.display (store title)
"ListEpisodes AX Rows A06 C04 D03" [0] .style.display (store images)
Document.getElementById ("Wrapper") = "none";
Document.getElementsByClassName ("Title Page fa-star") [0] .style.display = "none";
Document.getElementsByClassName ("AX Rows List A06 C04 D03") [0] .style.display = "none";

It's better to hide elements using CSS.

var style = document.createElement('style');
style.innerHTML = '.DvrAbs, [src*="/ads/"] { display: none !important }';

[src*="/ads/"] selects all elements that have /ads/ anywhere in src attribute. This alone hides all ads I could find on that page. .DvrAbs additionally selects this ad box overlapping video. display: none !important makes sure they are not displayed.

I still think it's better to use some ad blocking addon like uBlock Origin.

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