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Aimbot For A .io Game Please [kirka.io]

Posted: 2021-10-13
Edited: 2021-10-13

Please Can Enyone Make A Aimbot Script Or Unlimited Health Script For this Game - kirka.io - link for the game = [https://kirka.io/]. I serached everywhere for this game can anyone help me with this please if you can't make an aimbot it's ok if you can make an unlimited health script if anyone can make any script below ;

1.unlimited health {important}
2.aimbot {aimbot is not neccessary}

I hope You Make One cuz am a newcomer for this coding society.

Posted: 2022-07-14

yea we need some of that, since voxiom got banned at our school, we chose kirka, the second best option.

PS i need hacks bc im pro at voxiom but shit at kirka, everyone is worshipping me rn for finding a good alternative lmao

Posted: 2022-07-17

Write it by yourself. It is too easy to hack kirka. I did it once already. So I know what I am saying.

Posted: 2023-06-27


Posted: 2023-06-27


Posted: 2024-02-07

Thanks for the information!

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