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Want os submit a new script I have written, just created an account. How long do have to wait before I can post it?

Posted: 2023-07-30

As title says. Know some web dev, wrote a user script for redirecting amongst Quetre instances (private Quora frontend) as most of them are being rate-limited. Works well, so came here to submit it, but cannot submit it soon as I just created the account. How long do I have to wait to do so?

Posted: 2023-07-31

First of all, you have to verify your account, go to the email service you used and look for Greasy Fork's verification message (it may be in Spam). Then go to your profile and find "Control panel" (it is below your username/profile description) and then click "Publish a script you've written", then just fill out the script form.

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