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Simple button hyperlink

Posted: 2022-12-01

Good afternoon, I need to make a tampermonkey with a button that allows a certain page that has an id in the URL to redirect to another that also uses said id in the url. Help please it's for work. Example the page is https://backoffice-app.messi.com/#/partners/11111 I need the "11111" to put in https://pedidosya.sa.looker.com/dashboards/26109?Partner+ID=11111&Date+Date=14+day ,where it says ID= .
I need help please, i tried but i cant

Posted: 2023-02-23

please take a step back,
and give me a simple step-by-step of what you wanna do exactly,

i kinda get it but i'm not sure,
so i don't wanna code something which is unuseful to your case

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