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MTurk Dashboard Goals

Shows some goal information, progress, etc. on the dashboard

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It works in a rudimentary sense, but it is 100% non complete. I'm posting here in the interest of completeness in mirroring userscripts and the work I and others have done. Maybe one day I'll work on it again and try to get it going again, but I wouldn't really count on it.

Description from userscripts-mirror:

Allows you to set goals (with a date-threshold or not) for your MTurk earnings. Goals include name, amount, optional date.

Adds a new field to your dashboard showing your current goals. Click the goal name for some nifty information.

Basic functionality should all be in the "what's this?" link. If not, I'll work on it.

This is very much a beta piece of code. I'll be working on it extensively. Keep an eye on the version number.

This was written to make a simple way to update goal information for signatures on mturkforum. Click "export" to copy the code to paste into your signature.

Note: As of version .71b, goals start when defined. You can no longer define a goal you have already started working on. In the near future (possibly v.8), I will add functionality to add custom amounts to your goal, as well as edit goal information (change name, change amount, etc).

Update for v.3b: Added daily goals

Update for v.4b: Fixed bug with month rollover for daily goals

Update for v.5b: Fixed bug that happens occasionally with Projected Earnings...I really have to embed that functionality natively one of these days...

Update for v.6b: Added preliminary stuff for ordering items...Soon goals will be sequential.

Update for v.7b: Added functionality to order/reorder non-daily goals. Daily goals are not sequential. Changed the script such that it should no longer need the information retrieved from the "My accounts" page; it now works off of the "Accepted Hits" balance from the dashboard. I have not removed the code in case there's issues...Added logic to convert from old-style save to new-style save.

Update for v.71b: Oops...minor bug. There may be a few of these in the next few hours/days XD

Update for v.72b: Worked a little more, fixed a few more bugs with the new method of getting the balance.