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عرض الرسائل المحذوفة

يعرض الرسائل المحذوفة في جميع قنوات Discord ، بما في ذلك المجموعات والسيرفرات والرسائل المباشرة.

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Discord: View deleted messages

This script shows deleted messages in all Discord channels, including groups, servers, and DMs.

How to use

  1. Install a script manager, such as Tampermonkey, Greasemonkey, or Violentmonkey.
  2. Save the script as a .user.js file.
  3. In the script manager, click the Add new script button.
  4. Paste the contents of the .user.js file into the script editor.
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. In Discord, go to User Settings > Appearance > Extensions.
  7. Find the script and click the Enable button.

How to disable

  1. In Discord, go to User Settings > Appearance > Extensions.
  2. Find the script and click the Disable button.


  • This script only works with Discord web. It does not work with the Discord desktop app or mobile app.
  • This script is not affiliated with Discord.
  • Using this script may violate Discord's Terms of Service, and you could be banned from Discord if you are caught using it.
  • This script may not be able to show all deleted messages. This is because Discord may delete messages before the script has a chance to read them.
  • The script may cause Discord to run slower. This is because the script is constantly scanning for deleted messages.
  • The script may be detected by Discord and you could be banned from using Discord. Discord does not allow users to view deleted messages, so using this script may be considered a violation of Discord's Terms of Service.


  • This script is licensed under the MIT License.