Greasy Fork is available in English.

IMDb Scout

Add links from IMDb pages to torrent sites -- easy downloading from IMDb

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Add links in IMDb pages to torrent sites -- easy downloading from IMDb

Greasemonkey is currently not supported. Try alternatives such as Violentmonkey or Tampermonkey.


Currently the script works on both individual pages (e.g., and the advanced title search (e.g.


The Github repository is the best place to report bugs and submit changes, however I will still make an effort to check the GreasyFork page or any other relevant places.

Adding new sites

Inside the script, there is a list of dictionaries that contains of all the sites, and the data necessary to check IMDb against them. Each site is a dictionary with the following attributes:

  • name: The site name, abbreviated
  • searchUrl: The URL to perform the search against, see below for how to tailor the string to a site
  • matchRegex: The string which appears if the searchUrl doesn't return a result
  • postiveMatch (optional): Changes the test to return true if the searchUrl does return a result that matches matchRegex
  • TV (optional): If true, it means that this site will only show up on TV pages. By default, sites only show up on movie pages
  • both (optional): Means that the site will show up on both movie and TV pages

To create a search URL, there are four parameters you can use inside the URL:

  • %tt%: The IMDb id with the tt prefix (e.g. tt0055630)
  • %nott%: The IMDb id without the tt prefix (e.g. 0055630)
  • %search_string%: The movie title (e.g. Yojimbo)
  • %year%: The movie year (e.g. 1961)

See the script for examples.


Follows a bastardization of the semver standard:

  • Patch versions will not change behavior, only the URL/settings for trackers.
  • Minor versions will definitely change code, although behavior may in fact remain the same.
  • Major versions will definitely change behavior, although it will only be increased at the discretion of the current maintainer.