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Welcome to the dk+ userscript that allows you to improve the look of the website! It condenses some of the stuff and then scrolls to the bottom when looking at "What the clan needs for level ..." of the page for smaller windows! The page will automatically reload at least once every 15 minutes with a countdown until next reload at the bottom of the page to act like a live clan monitoring tool! It lastly, but not leastly, has the ability to "hightlight" certain rows by making the text bigger, bolder, centered and putting a thick green border around the row!

URL parameters: REQUIRED: ? <clanID> -- the id of your clan. This is automatically provided by the default site REQUIRED: &level= -- the level you want to check on between 1 and 5. When there's Level X information, that's an option too.

&arrNames= -- Case sensitive names to add to highlight in the form of ["Name1","name2","NAME3"] &addName= -- Case sensitive name to add to highlight &removeName= -- Case sensitive name to remove from highlighting

&debug -- Toggle the debugging feature, may also explicitly set it on or off &verbosity= -- Verbosity level from 0 to 9 (see help in console)

&getGM -- Log to the console what's currently stored in the list of names to highlight (and current debugging settings)

&resetGM=CONFIRM -- Reset what's currently stored for debugging settings and in the list to highlight to script defaults &clearGM=C0NF1RM -- Completely delete all settings and start from scratch like it never existed