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SwagTv script

this script will automatically fetch and go to the next video after the meter goes up.

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This script no longer works with the new swagbucks interface. I doubt if I will be updating it. Feel free to fork it to your own project, message me and I will link it here (also I'd like to use it too!)

*****IMPORTANT***** Please see below for an update

Install the script, choose a video category from watch (, click the first video, and let it go.

Common questions and answers:
Q: Is it working?
A: Yes. It's working. Let it go.

Q: I can't watch the videos.
A: You don't need to for it to progress. It's working. Let it go.

Q: The video doesn't show up.
A: It's working. Let it go.

Q: Which category should I pick?
A: Which ever you want, it doesn't matter.

Q: Which are the shortest videos?
A: It doesn't matter. It progresses based on a timer, not the videos.


So I hadn't done any work with this for a while, I figured it was time for an update.
v0.33 changes:
  • Changed the code to use jquery instead of javascript, should be more robust
  • Removed all extraneous code
    • No more auto-solve, see below
  • Made it more intelligent as to how it progresses through the videos in the playlist
The reason I removed the auto-solving captcha: It's really against TOS, like hardcore. People were getting banned left and right. Also, it stopped working, and I didn't want to put in the effort to fix it. Really, this is pretty darn quick anyway, and you have less a chance of missing captchas or anything. It's minimal effort people.

One final note: I've found it easiest if, every time I solve a captcha, I close the tab and open the URL in a new tab.
That helps keep your memory free and keeps the tab from crashing and burning.
Also: I am not responsible if your account is banned for this.

v0.34: Fixed a bug