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Youtube HD

Select a youtube resolution and resize the player.

這裡只顯示彼此間有代碼差異的版本。 顯示所有版本。

  • v2024.01.17 2024-01-18

    Fix issue with user script managers that don't define GM

  • v2024.01.14 2024-01-15

    Theater mode fix again. Note it still has some issues but will work for the most part for now.

  • v2023.12.11 2023-12-11

    Fix the auto theater after youtube changes

  • v2023.11.14 2023-11-14

    Fixed issues with settings storage

  • v2023.11.09 2023-11-10

    Added settings comment

  • v2023.10.26 2023-10-27

    Fix bug from latest change that caused things to not work if user enabled resizing

  • v2023.10.24 2023-10-25

    Fix possibility of not using youtube API when it should, fix compatibility with OwlZoom, use userscript storage API for settings (your custom settings will no longer be overwritten in future updates.

  • v2023.10.20.1 2023-10-20

    Fix resizing issue

  • v2023.10.20 2023-10-20

    Update version to make sure config update gets pushed

  • v2023.10.19 2023-10-20

    Fix accidental config changes

  • v2023.10.19 2023-10-20

    Experimental premium support

  • v2023.08.22 2023-08-22

    Fix the resize one more time

  • v2023.08.19 2023-08-19

    Fix resizing again

  • v2023.06.29 2023-06-29

    Fix issue where resize wouldn't work after youtube made changes

  • v2022.02.27 2022-02-28

    Fix issue with high framerate

  • v2022.01.09 2022-01-09

    Fixed some reported exceptions. These didn't affect script functionality at all.

  • v2021.08.07 2021-08-07

    Fix potential issue with high framerate setting

  • v2021.06.16 2021-06-16

    Add ability to set separate resolution for 60 fps video

  • v2021.01.02 2021-01-02 Remove support for old version of youtube, since it seems to unfortunately be gone. Use @match instead of @include.
  • v2020.09.26 2020-09-26 Just a whitespace change
  • v2020.09.26 2020-09-26 Fix potential script breakage from youtube's theater mode change function throwing exceptions.
  • v2020.09.24 2020-09-25 Added workaround for videos flagged as inappropriate not showing sign in button
  • v2020.07.19 2020-07-19 Resize max player height with window resize
  • v2020.02.18 2020-02-18 Fix issue where fullscreening doesn't work correctly with changePlayerSize, flushbuffer now defaults to true
  • v2019.08.27 2019-08-27
  • v2019.08.27 2019-08-27 Fix resolution not being set, and added new option
  • v2019.08.21 2019-08-21 Potentially fix issue where videos don't load with new layout
  • v2018.08.13 2018-08-13 Player size fix for new layout
  • v2018.07.28 2018-07-29 Theater mode fix for new layout
  • v2018.04.25 2018-04-25 Minor fixes
  • v2018.03.30 2018-03-30 Quick fix for youtube change breaking script when manually setting a resolution
  • v2017.12.09 2017-12-09 Fixed resolution set due to API issue
  • v2017.11.18 2017-11-18 Greasemonkey 4 fixes
  • v2017.08.05 2017-08-05
  • v2017.08.03 2017-08-03 Now compatible with upcoming layout change on YouTube
  • v2017.05.19 2017-05-19
  • v2017.05.09 2017-05-09 Fixes, auto theater feature should be problem free now
  • v2017.05.06 2017-05-06 Fixed issue with Firefox 52+, added auto theater mode option.
  • v2017.04.02 2017-04-03 Fix playlist height issue, set resolution on, various minor improvements
  • v2017.03.23 2017-03-23 Bug fixes, faster, unofficial support for hd on embeded videos
  • v2017.01.01 2017-01-01 Various Minor Improvements
  • v2016.10.02 2016-10-07 Metadata change
  • v2016.10.02 2016-10-03
  • v2016.10.02 2016-10-02