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PunyCode Protection

Warns on clicking links and arriving into sites which uses PunyCode.

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Thanks for pointing the problem!
It seems solved now?

With Waterfox Classic, I tested the "prof of concept" page:
This site is obviously not affiliated with Apple

It seems not have problem or mistake possible. now.
I can read the real address in the address bar:

On chrome, a message prevent to be redirected to a false site:
"Vouliez-vous accéder à ?
Le site auquel vous tentez d'accéder semble faux.
Les pirates tentent parfois d'imiter des sites Web en modifiant légèrement l'URL utilisée."

Sorry for the very late reply. My notification emails were moved into the spam folder, so I didn't notice it.

The script has been updated. Please check it again.

Thanks it work fine!
Just a precision:
My comment was to only to say:
All the actual browsers seems react fine on these exploit:
All show a warning about a possible false link.

Your script add one more to their own warning....