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About: 网页限制解除
September 2016 düzenlendi kategorisi Script tartışmaları Chrome



  • 右键单击禁令避免重大问题


  • try use english?
    Did you mean this script need remove?
    or you chose wrong?

  • hi, i encountered an issue when using the social website facebook with the
    script active, it seems like when the extension was turn on, i was unable
    to click on the list of selection redirects search bar(search terms that
    shows after typing in the search bar) but as soon as the extension is turn
    off, i can select and click on the terms and in turn are finally able to
    redirect to the related search terms
  • My translation based on translator:

    Remove right-click restriction is a big problem.

    Right-click restriction are usually applied to articles with copy restriction (Although you can bypass this by using the keyboard), as well as images etc., and I'd like to avoid this problem.

    I think the he or she is concerned in "copy copy-protected content is bad"? Not sure.

  • December 2016 düzenlendi Firefox
    首先,当你能看到文字的时候,它已经被下载到你的电脑了。客户端(甚至未必是能够执行js的浏览器)如何展现网页内容,网站并不能百分之百干预。技术上如果你不希望网页文字被复制,最好的方法就是不要用文字(改用图片或flash,也许还有html5 canvas?)。法律和道德上,直接在网页上放上一段不希望用户复制粘贴的声明,和用一段javascript来强行降低用户体验,我觉得区别不大,至少前者显得更有礼貌。

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