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Where Firefox Quatum store the value (the olb .dbin watrfox classic) stored by userscript intalled by Tampermonkey

Gönderildi: 11.11.2020
Düzenlendi: 12.11.2020
I want reuse the old .db from an userscript of my Waterfox Classic profile to Firefox Quantum.

But i can't see the same system in Quantum.

Apparently its totally different.

Before i copy past my "gm_scripts" folder inside a new profile and it was OK.

How can i do that, yet ?
Waterfox Classic 56.3 + Greasemonkey 3.17
To Firefox Quantum + Tampermony
Gönderildi: 12.11.2020
If you simply want to export your tampermonkey scripts, you can go to the tampermonkey settings and click on export...
If you copy/paste the whole firefox folder it should make firefox portable, along with all your configs,scripts etc
Gönderildi: 12.11.2020
Düzenlendi: 12.11.2020
Thanks, but no .. . I want export infos from Greasemonkey 3.6 to Tampermonkey.

In my Principal profile, with Waterfox Classic v.56.3,
i use an "old" Greasemonkey v.3.17

In it, i have an userscript for flickr that i use since a long time.
This userscript store color Flag for many users of flickr.

I want backup these infos to a new Firefox Quantum using Tampermonkey.
I use here Tampermonkey because in Quantum my userscript don't work with the new Greasemonkey webextention.
But it work with Tampermonkey and its function to correct userscripts compaatibility.

To resume i want;
Find where are in Quantum, the infos stored by my userscript usinging Tampermonkey.
And if possible , how to reuse / import (?) in it my old Color flags (from my Principal profile ).

I hope it is enough clear...
Gönderildi: 12.11.2020
I see. So you want to export the info you set using that script right?
Oh, actually you mentioned that browser difference earlier, but I just forgot about the compatibility and version differences,sorry

If the script uses GM_valueset and GM_valueget then exporting all your tampermonkey info,using the tampermonkey default option to do that, should work for you.

Share the script link here, so we can read the codes and see where the script data is stored, in newer versions, html5 storage can be used instead of GM_valueset and GM_valueget, so if the script uses that, exporting all your tampermonkey scripts,datas and configs using the default tampermonkey option won't work in your case.

By asking "how to reuse" import, are you talking about how you can import that info to tampermonkey latter?
Well, if that's what you asked, this will depend on where and how the script stores the info.
Gönderildi: 12.11.2020
Yes, the script use:
// @grant GM_getValue
// @grant GM_setValuet

But as i said i use Geasemonkey v.3.17 (in Waterfox Classic)
So the export to Tamperpermonkey (in Fireforx Quantum) seems problematic, no ?
As you said, Quantum seems use html5 storage now

In Waterfox Classic, the values stored by this userscript are shown in a .db file.
In my profile, folder "gm_script" :

Which i can open with "DB Browser (SQLite)"

I can't find a similar thing in Qauntum.

The Script Code:
Here my backup of the working version of the script, updated for me by its author (a long time ago)...
GM - Flickr Functional Suite - NEW (by C. Tilford) [Pastebin]

It as some problems, but in general i can use it:
i need just the color Flag function (very powerful and practical).

I you want test it, it's a little bit complicated.
Need Signing to Flickr and ...:

I use it with some CSS tweak (Userstyle):
Flickr WideScreen - BigONE v.156 - UserCSS (userstyle/script)

And it need for the Flickr Photo page an other script (!):
Gm - Flickr - View on FlickRiver - Tweak OK 2017 [PasteBin]
I need it because without, it don't catch the click on the user name,
but with the "FlickrRiver userscrpt, i can add color Flags to the user by clicking on "FlickrRiver" txt added ,
i don't understand why... but it work)

And here, the last posted version, but not working yet (its description is very detailed):
Flickr Functional Suite By Charles Tilford — Last update Aug 4, 2006
Gönderildi: 12.11.2020
Düzenlendi: 12.11.2020
Maybe... I'm not sure, but you might have compatibility issues.

What does the .db contents look like?

I'm not sure how greasymonkey works, but on tampermonkey the values stored by
// @grant GM_getValue
// @grant GM_setValuet
can easily be viewed,copied and pasted anywhere as a backup or recover/import file.

Maybe you will be able to copy and paste the .db contents in the storage of the script? (Supposing that you will start using tampermonkey)

The new greasymonkey extension also has a export feature, you should also try that.

Maybe the easiest thing you can do is. Give up and start configuring that script from scratch.

Try installing the new firefox quantum and tampermonkey or greasymonkey and install that script,the firefox folder location should be a folder that is synced online, like google drive,dropbox,onedrive or anything similar, then close firefox and wait for the upload be finished.Then open firefox and and set any setting on that script, this will allow you to see what firefox and greasymonkey/tampermonkey will change, what's the file name,extension and location. Doing this will allow you to figure out where's the script settings stored on the new firefox quantum.
Gönderildi: 13.11.2020
I have installed Quantum and Tampermonkey and usercripts i need with it (and make some color Flags with that scrip):
But i can't find where they are stored.
The problem is i can't found a similar userscript storage like i had in Waterfox.

Just that is difficult and i don't speak about include my old value in it...

"Give up and start configuring that script from scratch"
It seems the only thing it can be done....
I continue to search a solution.
Maybe the
Thanks for your help!
Gönderildi: 13.11.2020
Düzenlendi: 13.11.2020
You don't need to find a similar userscript with a similar settings storage code/type... Just use this same flicker script.
These are scripts with the same storage
// @grant GM_getValue
// @grant GM_setValuet

If you don't want to include/restore your old values to the script, why do you want/need to know the location of the script settings?
Gönderildi: 13.11.2020
Yes , it is that i explain before....
And yes, i want my old Color flags i had made before (so many... in 10 years of use ) and import them in Firefox Quantum.
Seems i am not very clear, no?

I have others userscripts installed with Tampermonkey in Quantum and i don't see where they are stored too.
Gönderildi: 13.11.2020
Düzenlendi: 13.11.2020
Got it.

I've already told you where the scripts and also their settings are stored on tampermonkey... It's the same on firefox quantum, greasymonkey is also the same, I'm just not sure if the export button on greasymonkey also exports the script settings

If your waterfox greasymonkey extension also shows you the export button, you can try cliking on that button, and then import that file to the firefox quantum greasymonkey, to see if the script settings will also be exported or not, this has nothing do to with needing to know the local file location or with the old.db file

You can also try copying and pasting the whole extensions folder from waterfox to firefox quantum and see if it will work

I can post some prints here if you want to know where the Tampermonkey in Quantum stores the script settings.

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