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v4c/InstaSynch Additional Features

Provides many additional features to enhance the experience of watching the same videos every day. Created by biggles; all credit given in script source.

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A little script that provides many additional features to enhance the experience of watching the same videos every day.
Stuff that it adds:
  • In addition to the standard /emote functionality, :emotes: (up to 4; colors and such count as .5 of an emote) can be used throughout a message.
  • Some additional emotes and fun stuff like chat colors, font modifiers, and spoilers (don't forget about :fast:!). Hex numbers can also be used for text colors, example: :#00ff00:te:#a0f:st
  • New tabs in the chat and playlist areas containing more script content.
  • Within these tabs, you'll find an Emote Menu, Recent Videos list (up to 24 max videos), and a Layout Menu.
  • Your Recent Video history is saved for individual rooms. For example, you can keep 24 for one room and 24 different videos for another. They won't overlap.
  • The Layout Menu contains some CSS layouts submitted by a few users that you can use, and color selectors for the JS video player.
  • The Chat Settings tab contains many script options, and there is a Changelog tab above chat as well.
  • For registered users, $roll [number of digits 1-10, default 2] and $8ball [question] are some new chat features.
  • The tab contains the title of the currently playing video and the name of the user who added it.
  • When a user adds a video, you will see "[user] has added [video name]."
  • There is a user connection log on the top navbar.
  • The navbar's fixed state can be toggled.
  • Moderator actions can be displayed in chat, similar to Zod-'s InstaSynchP ModSpy plugin.
  • Under the Playlist Settings tab is a button to export the playlist to a new pop-up window.
  • You can pull down a curtain (toggle is located on the right side of the playlist navbar) to cover the video. (May not work properly if it is toggled and the window is then resized, but retoggling will fix it)
  • More.
Created by biggles of Vidya4chan, for Vidya4chan
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