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DotD Raid Catcher

DotD raid assistance.

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The RaidCatcher script is a full rewrite of the Dawn of the Dragons extension script maintained by wpatter6 and JHunz.
On Kongregate, it interfaces with the chat to make raid links appear is a readable fashion, and allows users to quickly join raids it's collected. On both
Kongregate and Armor Games, the script is able to import active raids from a central database which is populated by a chat listener program.

The script creates a new tab above the chat called "Raids". Inside this tab are sub tabs which allow you to access different things.

  • The raids sub tab contains the list of all currently stored raids, as well as various options to search, sort, join, and delete raids. Clicking on a raid in the list will
    give you additional information about that raid.
  • The import tab is where you are able to see your raid expiration times (described below). You can also import raids, and see a list of your 10 most recent imports.
    Another section on the imports tab allows you to submit raids directly to the server, and give them a delay if you choose. If a raid dies before the delay timer is up,
    you will not be credited for that submission.
  • The options tab has a few configurable options
  • The filter tab determines what raids will be added and accessible from the script. By default every raid except guild raids are added to the script. Un-checking raid sizes
    will cause these raids to never be imported, joined, or added to the script through chat (on Kongregate).

The script also creates a small collapsible toolbar to the bottom left of the chat window. This gives quick access to some of the script's functionality as well as other resources.

To import raids from our server, you must share raids with the public. When you either post a raid to chat, or submit it directly on the import tab of the script, you will be credited with
having submitted a raid of that size, and you will have access to raids of the same size until your timer expires. While the raid you submitted is alive,
your script will show "Open" on the import tab for that raid's size. Once it dies, the script will begin a countdown and your ability to import those size of raids
will expire when the timer reaches zero. At this point you will need to summon and submit another raid of that size in order to import raids of that size.

If you appreciate our ongoing effort please donate.


To install the script, simply install the appropriate userscript addon for your browser, and click the "Install" link above. Do not click "Download", it is targeted adware on and not related to the script.
After installing, you will need to refresh your game's browser window for the script to load. Links to the userscript add-on for major browsers are listed below:

Common Issues

  • If you are using chrome with Tampermonkey, it will occasionally update and require the browser to be restarted before importing will work again.
  • Occasionally the script may show "43 years since last import" or have trouble importing raids. If refreshing the page or importing doesn't change this, you will need to clear your RaidCatcher localstorage. This is done differently in different browsers, here are links for Firefox, and Chrome. You will want to delete all keys that start with "RaidCatcher" and then refresh the page.
  • If you run any script blocking software, you will need to unblock for the script to work.

F. A. Q.

Q) Do I need to summon my own raids to use importing feature?

A) Yes. The server is able to tell when you post raids, and provides you access to raids of that size after it has identified that you've posted a raid. Raids can also be submitted directly to the server on the Importing tab as well.

Q) Why do I need to publicize my raids?

A) This is a requirement to ensure that raid volume does not decrease with the increased ease of retrieving raids. Players with lower stamina will not need as many raids, and therefore will not summon raids if they have all the raids they need at their disposal. After testing including wpatter6's pastebin, as well as results from the kongregate chat bot, a severe decline in raid summoning has been noted. This is a measure to prevent that. Also, for general fairness, if you are taking from the public raid supply, you should contribute to it.

Q) How does direct submission interact with import timers? When is my raid distributed by the Import functionality?

A) Raids, whether submitted directly or by posting them publicly in chat, will not be distributed to the general public for two minutes. You can set a delay if you choose, but delaying your raid could risk you losing your submission if it is killed either accidentally or intentionally before it's release timer is up. Share only with people you know and trust, and delay submission at your own risk.

Q) Why am I not seeing raids from chat on AG?

A) The script on AG does not interact directly with AG's chat, you must import raids to populate your list on AG. Raids posted in chat will not go directly to the script, but will be there when you import.

Q) Why can't armor games auto join?

A) 5pg decided a while ago to give Kongregate a special raid joining query string API using a page called "raidjoin.php". This is what allows us to auto join and receive a response giving the status of the raid's aliveness. However, this is not available on any platform besides Kongregate, and so Armor games (and any other future platforms we port this to) will have to live with the game refreshing to join a raid, or use the "Copy Link Address" option to copy the link into the join box in game.

Q) Do my settings from the old script transfer to the new one?

A) Yes. The new script's settings have been significantly trimmed down, but the remaining option and filter settings will be transferred from the old to the new script.

Q) Does it matter which raid I summon?

A) Summoning and sharing a small raid will unlock all small raids to the user, and so forth with each size of raid. Other than size, the raid you summon does not matter. However, normal farm raids or nightmare raids of any kind will have a much better chance of dying quickly, as people are typically more interested in farm or AP raids.

Q) Do I need to uninstall the old script?

A) You don't have to fully uninstall the old script, but disabling it while running the new one is recommended.

Q) Can I run and use both scripts?

A) In theory, yes, though it hasn't been thoroughly tested. The two scripts will not interact with each other however, and raids stored in one will not be available in the other. It is recommended that you only run one of the scripts at a time, and disable the other.

Change Log

  • 2.5.14
    • A fix for ArmorGames's new ad system breaking script initialization.
    • New feature: Exclusion searching! You can now add a ! before any portion of a search to exclude raids that match that portion from the final search results. For example, you can can now easily search for the smaller z10s by using "z10,!cara" as your search.
  • 2.5.13
    • A fix for Firefox 32.0 breaking importing.
  • 2.5.12
    • Support added for Gigantic raids.
  • 2.5.11
    • A fix for a breaking change to the ArmorGames page layout.
  • 2.5.10
    • Updating to use the new greasyfork url.
  • 2.5.8
    • Fixed small bug with Captcha not being displayed properly for some users.
  • 2.5.7
    • Added "Clear Dead Cache" button on the options tab for AG users to clear the dead cache.
    • Pointing /update and /ad commands back to userscripts page.
  • 2.5.6
    • Required update, adding captcha safeguard against bots.
  • 2.5.5
    • Added /cleardead command to delete the list of dead raids.
  • 2.5.4
    • Backwards compatability fix for Firefox pre-26.
  • 2.5.3
    • Fix for issues caused by FireFox upgrading to version 26.
    • Some optimization for pruning raids marked dead by the server.
  • 2.5.2
    • Bug fix for AG filter tab.
  • 2.5.1
    • Bug fix for converting links with querystring parameters.
  • 2.5.0
    • Added LEON tier configuration on the filters tab.
    • Chat will now convert urls into links. Added option on the options tab.
    • Server will now return dead raids as well to prevent excessive dead raid pruning on the client. An option has been added to prevent this type of pruning if desired.
    • Replaced the old "os" raid link format tag with "tiers".
    • /ad, /update, and /version commands will now link to our website instead of That "Download" targeted ad is just too irritating.
  • 2.4.9
    • Bug fix for searches with "," or "|".
  • 2.4.8
    • Added /whisper command.
    • Fixed bug that causes some incorrect raids to show up when searching by size.
  • 2.4.7
    • Fixed bug for some users which caused the reload game button to get stuck logging in.
    • Fixed bug when trying to get personal raid information.
    • Corrected tier information for guild & medium sized raids.
  • 2.4.6
    • Bug fix when using the chat command /import all.
  • 2.4.5
    • Importing expiration times will now display a yellow circle when the raid is able to be summoned. This will also be the case when raid status is outputted in chat.
    • Fixed bug for Armor Games introduced by maintenance which prevented script from loading.
  • 2.4.4
    • No longer alters guild invite links.
    • Additional bug fixes from the kongregate update.
    • Fixed bug where expired raids were being shown too much.
  • 2.4.3
    • Fixed bug introduced with kongregate maintenance preventing the script from loading.
    • Raid status is now outputted in chat (kong only) when raid sizes have expired on import and startup. An option has been added to disable this as well.
    • The information outputted in chat will include any filters when importing.
    • Built out the /import to filter raids if a boss name or quick filter name is included in the command.
    • Tweak to server selection for better load balancing.
  • 2.4.2
    • Fixed bug caused when deleting and then trying to add new quick filters
  • 2.4.1
    • Fixed bug with Chrome 27 release. Users must now install tampermonkey to run the script on Chrome 27.
    • Fixed perception tiers above 30k.
    • Added option to hide console logging.
    • Fix for uncommon error some users were having where script wouldn't load.
  • 2.4.0
    • Toolbar configuration is now available. You can add custom toolbar items which execute specified chat commands or open a website, as well as remove them.
    • The archaic "OS" has been replaced with the more accurate Leon tiers. The tiers below FS are not included so as to not encourage tagging.
    • Fixed a bug that caused an error message to pop up on page load saying it couldn't connect to RaidCatcher servers.
    • Added a /quickfilter command to switch between quick filters
  • 2.3.6
    • Fixed issue with numeric textboxes allowing ctrl or shift to function.
    • Some small changes to initial server ping.
  • 2.3.5
    • Fixed issue with importing saying you imported too recently incorrectly.
    • Fix to prevent Kongregate developers changing something from completely breaking the script.
  • 2.3.4
    • Fixed script for Kong backend changes.
  • 2.3.3
    • Added link to wiki in /raid command.
  • 2.3.2
    • Fixed bug where /raid command doesn't work when no difficulty is specified.
  • 2.3.1
    • Removing the mirror restrictions and making the crediting version fully public.
  • 2.3.0
    • The new toolbar for quick access to script functionality and other resources has been added. It comes with the option to have it auto-hide itself on the options tab,
      and will be built out to be more configurable in the future.
    • You can now delay your raid's submission to a specified number of minutes.
    • The /import and /join commands have been given additional functionality. See chat commands for more information.
    • Added the /lmgtfy command, perfect sarcastic response for questions that can be easily found via google.
    • The import tab now stores the last 10 imports in a table for reference.
    • Crediting has changed. See above for a full description.
    • A bug that prevented users from entering numbers with the number pad is fixed.
    • A bug that causes authentication errors with our servers has been fixed.

Search Keywords

Search keywords are typed into the Boss textbox in the search portion of the raids tab and can be used to create custom filters. Any number of case in-sensitive keywords can be combined by separating them with commas.

By Boss
Example: "bella" will match Bellarius. All or part of the boss name will search the raids, case insensitive.

By Zone
Example: "z1" will get all raids from quest zone 1. Wizard's tower raids can also be searched for by using "Wizard's Tower" keyword.

By Drop
Example: "flute" will get all raids which drop flutes. This works for most common general and collecting craft items.

By Size
Example: "medium" will get all medium raids.

By Classification
Example: "dragon" will get all dragon raids.

Chat Commands (Kongregate only)

Command:/import [timeframe (optional)] [keyword or quickfilter (optional)]

Imports raids from the central database.

Examples: /import, /import all, /import 1 day bella, /import minutes 20, /import all serpina

Command:/join [selection] [keyword (optional)] [quick filter(optional)]

Joins the currently selected raids, or a specified selection, keyword or quick filter. See search keywords above for valid keywords. Quick filter can be all or part of a custom quick filter you have defined.

Examples: /join, /join all bella, /join new, /join visited

Command:/raid [boss] [size (optional)]

Shows information about the specified raid including Fair/optimal/achievement shares, hit points, classification, and time.

Examples: /raid bella 1, /raid grimsly nm, /raid felendis

Command:/whisper [raid id or full link] [message]

Whispers the person who submitted the specified raid with the specified message.

Example: /whisper 5433002 hi, can you fix your magics please?

Command:/mute [user name]

Mutes the specified user, but still collects raids they post, unlike Kongregate chat mute which prevents raids from being collected from the muted user.

Command:/unmute [user name]

Unmutes the specified user. If "all" is written in place of a user, it will unmute all currently muted users.

Command:/quickfilter [quickfilter name]

Switches filter to the specified quick filter.

Command:/lmgtfy [question]

Generates a lmgtfy link for the specified question and outputs it to chat.


Displays all currently muted users.


Opens the userscript page where you can update your script.


Reloads the game without refreshing the page.


Displays the current script version, and the last time it checked for an update.


Clears the current chat window.


Will open the raid statistics charts website in a new browser window.


Shows the full list of perception tiers and their rewards.


Prints the script's link to the current chat window.


Deletes the in-memory cache of dead raids.

Chat Link Formatting (Kongregate only)

Chat format keywords are typed into the "Enable Raid Link Formatting" text area. This formatting will be used when a raid link is formatted in Kongregate chat.

Example: "<visited:(v)>" Will show a "(v)" if the raid is visited.

Example: "<seen:(s)>" Will show a "(s)" if the raid has been seen already.

Example: "<diff>" Will show the difficulty of the raid using short text.

Example: "<diff:Num>" Will show the numeric difficulty of the raid.

Example: "<diff:Long>" Will show the difficulty of the raid using the full text.

Example: "<bossId>" Will show the url tag of the boss.

Example: "<raidId>" Will show the numeric id of the raid.

Example: "<hash>" Will show the hash code of the raid.

Example: "<name>" Will show the full name of the boss.

Example: "<shortname>" Will show the short name of the boss.

Example: "<size>" Will show the number of player slots in the raid.

Example: "<dur>" Will show the duration of the raid using text.

Example: "<dur:Num>" Will show the duration of the raid using it's numeric value.

Example: "<stat>" Will show the stat used to hit the raid using short text.

Example: "<stat:Long>" Will show the stat used to hit the raid using the full text.

Example: "<health>" Will show the health of the raid using text.

Example: "<health:Num>" Will show the duration of the raid as a number.

Example: "<ap>" Will show the AP value of the raid using text.

Example: "<ap:Num>" Will show the AP value of the raid as a number.

Example: "<fs>" Will show the FS value of the raid using text.

Example: "<fs:Num>" Will show the FS value of the raid as a number.

Example: "<tiers>" Will show the loot tiers of the raid. Raids using the LEON tiers can be configured to show different tiers.