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Google Cache Highlight Search Query Terms for HTTPS

Restore highlighted search terms in Google cache for secure searches. For Firefox+Violentmonkey or Chrome+Tampermonkey. v0.6.6 2023-06-19

Jefferson Scher
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BSD with restriction

This extension does not work well in 2023 (or in other recent years). This update only adds a "Cached" link next to the 3-dot-stack button.


Read This First: System Requirements

Firefox users: You need Firefox 14 or later. Install the Greasemonkey extension from Mozilla Add-ons BEFORE installing this userscript.

Google Chrome users: Install the Tampermonkey extension from the Chrome store BEFORE installing this userscript.

Other Browsers: Due to the way this script monitors for dynamic changes in Google's Instant Prediction results, it is unlikely to work on other Greasemonkey-like extensions.

Restore Query Highlighting in Cache Pages: What It Does

This script modifies the "Cached" link on results pages in two ways:

  1. Link includes your query terms so they can be highlighted on the cached page
  2. Link opens the cached page using HTTPS security (this prevents the destination site from receiving your query terms if you click the "current page" link); starting in version 0.6.0, this can be turned off (see below)

You can modify certain behaviors of the script using the preferences form. To call up the form, use the "monkey icon" in Firefox or the Tampermonkey icon in Chrome:

Monkey menu in Firefox

Tamper menu in Chrome

The preferences form appears along the bottom of the window, and changes take effect immediately on your next click of a cache link:

Preferences form

The third option takes effect after you reload the page:

Preferences form

The difference between phrase highlighting and individual word highlighting is illustrated in the following two screen shots:

Phrase highlighting on

Phrase highlighting off