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YouTube ProgressBar Preserver

It preserves YouTube's progress bar always visible even if the controls are hidden.

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Pridaný: 15.04.2020

Add buffer area as well?

Would it be possible to add the light gray buffer that runs ahead of current position? Like on the default progressbar.

This script works well, unlike the "YouTube Progressbar Updater + userstyle" combo I have been using, which has developed a couple of bugs recently.

But I miss seeing the buffered line(also makes current position easier to see), which that combo includes.

Otherwise an excellent script, thank you.

Pridaný: 17.04.2020

Now updated!! Thank you for the request!! ('(゚∀゚∩

Pridaný: 17.04.2020

Thank you very much for the update! This script is absolutely perfect now.

Pridaný: 28.04.2020

Sorry to bother you again.

I have a small bug report relating to the buffer bar.

Sometimes the buffer bar disappears. Mostly when the buffer has reached the end of the video and I skip around the video. Sometimes it disappears all on its own. Most noticable on shorter/smaller videos that buffer fast.

Here's an example, not the best example since the buffer bar comes back as well, which can happen, but not always.

Here's another one. Shows it better. I use Video Speed Controller's custom shortcuts to skip around the video, that triggers the bug the most. Skipping with default arrow keys doesn't.

Pridaný: 15.05.2020

I'm sorry for taking long time to response, but now the script is updated and hopefully it might be fixed. Thank you.

Pridaný: 25.05.2020

No problem. Unfortunately it seems the problem persists. Thank you for trying to fix it though.

It's not too big of a deal so don't worry about it.

Pridaný: 14.06.2020

I recognized the reason for this problem and fixed it finally!!

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