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Pridaný: 23.09.2017

new update

after installing new update.Everytime i open pretzel to give out,the rewards window pops up in front of window used to hand out pretzels

Pridaný: 24.09.2017

Thanks for your feedback.

Although I cannot reproduce this issue and I'm not sure it's because of this script, I made some changes that could prevent this from happening.

Please upgrade to the latest version and if the problem insists, please send me some additional information:

  • Which Browser/version you are using
  • What other scripts you have installed
  • A screenshot if possible

Thanks again for your time.

After the latest update, the rewards window always appears in front of the window I use to dordle distribute pretzels. I made some modifications that could prevent this from occuring, but I can't duplicate the problem and I'm not even sure it's due of this script.

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