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Hodnotenie: OK - skript funguje, ale má chyby

Pridaný: 02.11.2014

Word of warning

The current version of this script DOES work. You just have to be careful, and know that it does NOT offer a 1-click distribution of ALL your flowers, hearts, etc. at once. It creates a list of your friends and you start clicking on them to send flowers. The difference is, you don't even have to move your mouse; just keep clicking in the same spot and the friends disappear as flowers are sent.
The WARNING comes when you click too fast - just like with crafting, if you click too fast and too often, you will lock up the game with the "streak of bad luck" error message. Delete temp files, clear cache, and log off/on to get through this problem, or just click on 20 at a time, go to the next world and do the same, and then come back for the next 20 and so on, until all the flowers have been sent. It STILL seems like a more efficient way of sending to your friends though.

Hopefully a future version will come up with a way to send them all with a single click, if that is possible. It's possible that 'streak of bad luck' glitch is what keeps us from sending all at one time, but we can always hope there is a way!

Pridaný: 02.11.2014

After I posted this I realized that the title "Word of warning" was too critical for a script that does a very good job - so I apologize for that and I hope that people check to see what my post actually says before they decide to either use the script or not.

Another great improvement - although it would probably be very difficult, if it's even possible - would be the ability to see which friends are actually sending items back to YOU. With a limit of 100 friends, it's very helpful to know who is sending things to you and who is not, so you can delete the duds and invite active people to replace them.

Pridaný: 03.11.2014

This word of warning is part of the script's description.

Sending to all friends with one click can be done easily, but this would make the script "illegal". The ability to see which friends send items back might be implemented in the future.

Pridaný: 21.11.2014

Hi hiroaki,

I've a script that list all sets or others things i want, but i cant put the drop down slide working. Can you help me?

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