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Magic Userscript+: показать сайт всем UserJS

Показать все UserJS текущего сайта — более простой способ установки UserJs для Tampermonkey.

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Magic Userscript+

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Fork of Userscript+ : Show Site All UserJS. Source code & authors information found here.

The power of Greasy Fork on the go! Finds available UserJS for the current webpage, does not work on every webpage


Changelog (GitHub)

Finds available UserJS for current webpage from various UserJS hosts (e.g, Greasy Fork), displays a found count bottom right of the webpage, automatically disappears after 10 seconds (can be configured).

Demo 1
Demo 2
Demo 3


Version Link Alternative Note
Userscript Greasy Fork Install (GitHub) -
Chrome/Edge/Opera GitHub - Work in progress
Firefox GitHub Add-on Store Work in progress

(Optional) Mobile Bookmarklet:



Tested and compatible with TamperMonkey and ViolentMonkey.

  • Multilingual support.
  • User can search + load results for UserJS on an entirely different webpage!
  • Config can be synced with current user script manager.
  • Automatically finds language through navigator.language, all dates will match your current language.
  • List displays the following information for each UserJS: name, description, creation date, author(s), version, daily installs, total installs, user ratings.
  • List can be filtered through search.
  • List is sorted by Daily Installs, highest to lowest.
  • Designed for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Available search engines: Greasy Fork, Sleazy Fork, Open UserJS, GitHub, Gist (GitHub)
  • Built-in Greasyfork Search with Sleazyfork Results include.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Nothing appears bottom right:

  • Try again on another webpage [Test Page]
  • Default timeout is 10000ms before the count disappears
  • If issue persists, see Viewing UserJS Logs

Error occured while injecting Container:

  • Try again on another webpage [Test Page]
  • This error is caused by the current webpage not supporting attachShadow

Error occured while loading UserJS for this webpage:

  • Reload the webpage or try again on a different webpage [Test Page]
  • This error may be caused by
    • An error occured in an enabled search engine while fetching content
    • Script is unable to fetch content on current or all webpages

No available UserJS for this webpage:

  • This error can be caused when no UserJS could be found in enabled search engines
  • If there are known UserJS to exist in enabled search engines, enable Filter out other languages

Viewing UserJS Logs

  • Open your web browsers Inspect Element and navigate to it's Console
  • Locate the following [UserJS] < message > ( you can filter your Console by entering UserJS or [ )
  • Feel free to screenshot any error messages to the GitHub for addition help
  • If nothing appears, this means the script is not executing at all



Install Node.js and pnpm. The version of Node.js should match "node" key in package.json.

# Install dependencies
$ pnpm i

Userscript Version

# Watch and compile to local HTTP server
$ pnpm run dev:UserJS

# Compile UserJS
$ pnpm run pub:UserJS

Source Code




Greasy Fork