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ReadM Larger Thumbnails by Sapioit

Makes the thumbnails more visible by making them bigger, the text selectable, adds the code all-pages to most links, and improves/replaces the pagination.

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Bookmarklet: If you would like to use the script as a bookmark that you can manually run whenever you like just copy the following code and create a bookmark out of it. Make sure that the javascript: part of the code is still there after pasting otherwise it will not work. This method also works for using the script on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.



  • Enlarges the thumbnails and makes them high-resolution.
  • Grays-out visited links (since the site removed that).
  • Brightens the other links (since otherwise they blend in with the background).
  • Changes the default links to lead to the all-pages versions of the chapters.
  • Increases the amount of text shown next to the thumbnails, to fit larger names and more chapter numbers.
  • Makes the page buttons clickable on their entirety (previously just the numbers were clickable).
  • Increases the maximum amount of pages for the Latest Releases, showing the currnet page, 3 previous pages, and 3 forward pages, as well as the option to skip 10, 50, or 100 pages in both directions.
  • Lets you toggle the max-width of the images.

I edited out the ads in the screenshots, to accentuate the changes the userscript makes.

Click on the images to see their bigger versions:

ReadM Homepage After ReadM Homepage Before

ReadM Latest Releases After ReadM Latest Releases Before

ReadM Manga After ReadM Manga Before

Images gallery for before and after!