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Auto Disable YouTube AutoPlay Next Video Setting

Auto disable YouTube's AutoPlay Next Video setting at top sidebar of video page

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Avaliação: Bom - o script funciona

Publicado: 26/03/2021
This wonderful script perfectly worked for a long time.
Days ago unfortunately stopped to work (I tested the script on Firefox using Tampermonkey and Firemonkey).

It'll be great to have again this useful and efficient script updated, upgraded and working.

Thank you in advance.
Publicado: 05/04/2021

Sorry for the very late reply. My notification emails were moved into the spam folder, so I didn't notice it.

The script has been updated. Please check it again.

Publicado: 16/04/2021
Editado: 16/04/2021
Thank you!

PS: Unfortunately, now I'm having issues with:

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