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Ocena: Dobry - skrypt działa

Napisano: 04-07-2015

Please add

Napisano: 04-07-2015
Thank you for your request.

Please change your rating to 'normal', as it is a suggestion.

I will add support for this website soon.
Napisano: 04-07-2015
Normal? I don't see it just good.
Updated to good.
Thanks for the fast reply and great work.
Napisano: 05-07-2015

@legnaleurc Should we remove the overlay, or let uBlock do its job?

Napisano: 06-07-2015

What overlay? I can't see any in the provided link.

Anyway, according to this I think it should do so.

Napisano: 08-07-2015
Edytowano: 08-07-2015

@legnaleurc's overlay


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