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Video Speed Buttons

Add speed buttons to any HTML5 <video> element. Comes with a loader for YouTube and Vimeo

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Napisano: 10-03-2018

Speed buttons on embedded videos

I like this script and it comes in handy a lot however the overlay tends to get in the way in some embedded videos which is annoying. I don't know if its at all possible to have it automatically adjust to the size of the video being embedded or perhaps have a hide button in the corner of the video a little arrow perhaps so we can bring it back when we want or need it.

Thanks so much for such a great script.

Napisano: 22-05-2018
Edytowano: 22-05-2018

There's not too much I can do about that. But, if you don't need video speed buttons on your embedded videos (or maybe you just want to tweak the style to something that works for you), then you can find that section towards the bottom of the script.

css_div: [
    "position:    fixed",
    "top:         0",
    "right:       0",
    "zIndex:      100",
    "background:  rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8)",
    "color:       #eeeeee",
    "padding:     10px"
].map(rule => rule.split(/: */)),

You can also utilize right click -> inspect element to open the dev console, where you can mess around with the CSS live. Once you find something you like, modify that section accordingly. For example, you could try changing the 0.8 to a number closer to 0.0 to make the box more transparent.

Or, if you just want to get rid of it altogether, add this line: "display: none",. This will remove it from the render queue so it doesn't show up on the page at all. css_div is specifically the CSS for the floating <div> element the buttons are stored in when no viable insert point is found. So don't worry about that affecting buttons as they appear on a normal youtube page.


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