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Posted: 05.06.2014
Edited: 05.06.2014

Be careful using this!

The css this script links to will wipe out comments on this forum! ... Oops, too late, you can't read this, can you?
To use the css, you need to comment this block which will interfere with other sites using Vanilla as well:


... the line that wipes gf.o forum posts is this: .Comments:not(code).
There might be other IDs that interfere, i didn't bother to check it all.

Posted: 07.06.2014

Yeah, it's not perfect. Maybe I should update description for that.

Posted: 07.06.2014

Maybe using an @exclude for Greasy Forum might be a good idea

Posted: 08.06.2014

the best idea is using Ghostery addon, IMO

Posted: 11.06.2014

Excluded Greasyfork forum and added warning to info.

@trespassersW Ghostery is privacy tool, it's not meant to hide comments on websites. It maybe hides Disqus comments because it loads external javascript, but not others. I made this userscipt originally because there was no good way to install Shutup.css into Firefox.

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