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Melvor Action Queue

Adds an interface to queue up actions based on triggers you set

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Adds an Action Queue interface to the sidebar that allows you to queue up actions that will trigger based on conditions you set.
For buying things from the shop it will only buy one unless it's an item in the materials section then you can choose the quantity. The sell items action will use your current sell amount (x1, x10, All etc.). Equipping and unequipping items will only use your current set (you can do a separate action to swap sets though).
You can drag to reorder triggers/actions and add multiple actions on a single trigger.
The Looping option will make it go back to the beginning of the queue once the last queue item is triggered.

Automatic mastery pool spending
- claims all tokens when you have space in your mastery pool.
- default behaviour is leveling up your lowest xp mastery if you won't drop below the 95% checkpoint (will also level if you hit 100%).
- option to configure minimum checkpoint to maintain for each skill individually.
- option to use custom priority list rather than just leveling lowest mastery (set array of mastery ids in the order that you will be leveling them up excluding masteries you want to level with pool exclusively).
- set base level for custom priority based on how many masteries you want to level entirely with pool (things that take a lot of resources) e.g. 87 if you don't want to skip any (gathering skills) and lower if you want to skip some, I won't do the math for you.
- custom priority behaviour is:
1. level all masteries to 60 base (close to optimal strategy due to benefits of total mastery level in formula).
2. level up each mastery in the array in order up to the base level set.
3. level up all masteries not in priority array evenly up to 99.
4. level up remaining masteries in priority array evenly to 99.
*Note custom priority is not recommended unless you know what you're doing and is only ~1% improvement at best over lowest mastery strategy for gathering skills.

Now has agility actions (Start Skill -> Agility, Build Agility Obstacle, Remove Agility Obstacle).
The Build Agility Obstacle action will remove obstacles in the same slot as the one you want to build if there is one in the way.

--Up to date for Melvor V0.19.1--