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GoogleMonkeyR (modified by rampageX)

Google - Multiple columns of results, Remove "Sponsored Links", Number results, Auto-load more results, Remove web search dialogues, Open external links in a new tab, self updating and all configurable from a simple user dialogue.

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Posted: 05.03.2019
Edited: 05.03.2019

GoogleMonkeyR (modified by rampageX) :What's the difference with the other GoogleMonkeyR

Can give some infos? Actualy is use this version: GoogleMonkeyR (modified by Cook Wu) Ps: PB, I can't install it from greasyfork....

Posted: 15.04.2019

There are a ton of user modified version most of them just try to make the script work after google updates. This one also includes the "Disable Google showing extra search results like videos, images, etc. " option.

Posted: 15.04.2019


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