Greasy Fork is available in English. Train Line Controller By CeyHun

Press "Num5" freeze cell/Press "Num4" left line/Press "Num6" right line/Press "Num2" down line/Press "Num8" up line/Press Arrow up key up line/Press Arrow down key down line/Press Arrow left key left line/Press Arrow right key right line/Press "End" key cell freeze/Press "F2" key diagonal line split(just Diagonal line split key Page Up (Right top,bottom)/Impossible Diagonal line split key Insert (Left top,bottom)/Press "1" Key Backward double/Press "3" Key Late Backward Split

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Forfatterens beskrivelse Train Line Controller

Tutorial Video

⚠️ If there is a problem with the plugin, please specify it in the comment section and I will try to help you.

-How to install?

+1. install an appropriate plug-in for you on the link
+2. Download plug-in that will allow you to work from this link.
+3. After 5 seconds, press "Skip Ad"
+4.You have reached the link. Press "Install this script" button.

-How to use ?

+In doing so in the game First, the cell must be in one piece ⚠️
+1.Stop the cell at a fixed location with the "freeze" key(
Press once⚠️)
+2.then use the arrow keys or the numpad to set the direction. It will start to go automatically (do not move the mouse⚠️).

-What key combinations can I use?
Control Set #1 :
Freeze : Num5
Arrows : Num2 (down),Num4 (left),Num6 (right),Num8 (up)
Control Set #2 :
Freeze : End (key)
Arrows : "left,right,up,down" Arrow Key
Diagonal Line Split : F2 key (Just
Impossible Line Keys :Insert(left up,down),PageUp(right up,down)
[Really Impossible ! XD]
+you can use it as a control set, or independently.

-Can it work with different plugins?

+as long as it does not interfere with the other main attachment,Yes !

-In which games does it work? , , ,

-What News ?
Beta 1.0 2018-07-06 : Initial Release
Beta 1.1 2018-07-12 : Some fixes
1.2 2018-07-16 : Added F2 Press Diagonal Line Split(
1.3 2018-08-06 : Fixed bug's,Added auto off ESC menu (Just,Added Diagonal Lines (Impossible!!) [Press Insert,Press PageUp keys].
1.4 2018-12-02 : - Removed Jquery require, Bug Fixed, Added Backward Double Splits [Press "1" Key And "3" Key] , Added More Support Games !
1.5 2019-01-27 :+ F2 button developed [you will see more comfortable] (Just, + Optimization.