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Pixiv Plus

Block ads. Hide mask layer of popular pictures. Search by favorites. Search pid and uid. Replace with big picture. Download gif, multiple pictures. Display artist id, background pictures. Automatically load comments. Github: Star and fork is welcome.

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脚本bug反馈区 支持新作品页

  1. 屏蔽广告,有想要提交的广告可以在github上提issue
    blur test

  2. 查看热门图片。测试地址

  3. 收藏数搜索, 使用 1000users入り的方式。选择收藏数,输入关键字提交搜索即可。

  4. 搜索uid和pid。

  5. 替换单张图为大图的格式, 使用原图, 方便拖拽保存。

  6. 下载gif、多图。自动检测多图原图和gif图帧图, 下载为zip包。gif测试多图测试

  7. 查看画师id和背景图, 检测画师首页或图片页, 在画师头像下面加入id的显示, 点击自动复制, 加入背景图的url链接, 加入背景图的图标, 方便拖拽保存。

  8. 自动加载图片的评论

Script bug feedback

  1. Block ads, ads that you want to submit can be posted on github issue
    blur test

  2. View popular pictures. test url

  3. Search by number of favorites, using 1000users入り. Select the number of favorites, enter the keywords submitted to search.

  4. Search for user ID and picture ID

  5. Replace the preview with the original image, easy to drag to save.

  6. Download gif zip and multiple images. Automatic detection of multiple images and gif frame map, download for the zip package. gif test, multiple images test

  7. View artist's ID and background, detect the artist's home url or picture url, add artist's id in the picture below the portrait avatar, click the automatic copy, add the background url link, add the background icon for easy drag and drop save.

  8. Automatically load pictures comments