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Netflix Next

Instantly plays the next episode. This script skips the wait time on auto-play and circumvents the "auto pause" that checks if you're still watching.

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Posted: 26.12.2017

Not working anymore

Seems something changed and now it does not work. Could you check it up please?

Posted: 01.01.2018

As I'm not currently subscribed to netflix it's a tad bit difficult to fix. But after looking around a bit they probably just changed the name of one of the selectors on line 16 from '.player-postplay-still-hover-container' to 'postplay-still-container'. However since I'm not really supporting this script anymore you might want to look at this script as it seems to do what this script does and a bit more.

Posted: 06.01.2019
Edited: 06.01.2019

It works with your suggested patch ('.player-postplay-still-container'), unlike others scripts available on Greasyfork. Edit: nevermind I have to check further.

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