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GoogleMonkeyR (update by Roxz)

Google - Multiple columns of results, Remove "Sponsored Links", Number results, Auto-load more results, Remove web search dialogues, Open external links in a new tab, self updating and all configurable from a simple user dialogue.

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Posted: 16.08.2018

Anyone know where the options gear icon is? - GoogleMonkeyR v. (Update by Roxz)

I have fresh cookies and all addons & userscripts disabled but this one. The help page states 'Configure it by clicking on the google options gear.' Am I being dumb - I cannot see the icon anywhere whether logged in or not. Can anyone spare a second to help out? Huge thanks in advance! Warmest regards, B

Posted: 21.08.2018


Posted: 07.07.2019

I have GoogleMonkeyR Fix (Jul 2017) 1.7.4 in Firefox 45.9.0 ESR (the latest version for macOS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard... and, please, admonitions to upgrade are off-topic — I'm in it for a reason!).

I am not seeing the GoogleMonkeyR Fix configuration menu anywhere, not in the Toolbar (or in its configuration screen with addable currently-unused items), not in the Status bar, not in the Tools menu. It's not among my items as shown in wolaile35's screenshot in the previous post.

Is there any other way to bring up the config menu?

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